MISSIVES Beginning…

To mark the anniversary of Tangier – Madrid Suitcase – The Aimless Archive will engage in extended, durational performances. These will help to document the conversations that took place during the week-long performance and draw-in new collaborations.

MISSIVES #1 will begin 25 October 2022 – a year to the day that Tangier – Madrid Suitcase began. Joel Hague has been invited to exchange projection slides with The Aimless Archive in the post. These will include slides, or text-slides, which build-up selected slogans from a conversation with Matt Fratson, which took place 25th October 2021. Alongside the text-slides, images will be built up with Joel – with changes being made as the slides travel back and forth.

There is no time limit on this performance piece so that it can fit around hectic workloads – the exchange will end when the text-slides show the full slogan. Snapshots of the different stages will be documented on Instagram.

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